Ofton Construction-Privacy Policy


Information on Your Personal Data

Your personal data, OFTON İnşaat Turizm ve Yatırım Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. ("OFTON") can operate as a data supervisor within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law ("KVKK"), with priority to your constitutional rights. OFTON undertakes to act diligently to ensure the confidentiality of the data processed within this scope and to protect this deprivation.


Some information may be stored on your computer while viewing certain pages of the website. This information will be in the form of "Cookies" or similar file forms and will enable the web page to be made more suitable to respond better to your interests and / or preferences. Despite this, this site contains links to other web pages, and OFTON is not authorized to control the privacy policies of these pages.


In addition to the information mentioned above, OFTON website visitors write their name, surname, telephone and e-mail address information to the electronic forms specified on the website in order to be informed about the announcements or to convey their requests / suggestions and complaints to the company officials.


Information that OFTON will collect during your visit to this website; To protect the rights, safety or property rights of the company or other parties, to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, to collect and / or provide aggregated statistical information about the website or its users, to share company newsletters, to evaluate your requests / suggestions or complaints, and to communicate with you if necessary be able to store, process or transfer them for passing. However, OFTON will not use your personal information for commercial purposes, sell or rent this information to third parties without your express consent. You always have the right to receive information about whether your personal information is being processed and to request deletion of your information.


If you would like detailed information on OFTON's policy on personal data and your rights regarding personal data, please review the sections below.


OFTON informs the personal data subject's rights in accordance with Article 10 of the KVKK and guides the personal data owner on how to use these rights. OFTON carries out the necessary channels, internal functioning, administrative and technical regulations in accordance with Article 13 of the KVKK in order to evaluate the rights of personal data owners and to provide the necessary information to personal data owners. Personal data owners claim their requests regarding their rights specified in OFTON's Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy; They will be able to fill in the Data Owner Personal Information Application Form, which includes the methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board, and submit it to OFTON.


In order for third parties to make an application request on behalf of personal data owners, a special power of attorney issued by the data owner through a notary public must be available for the person to apply.