Human Resources

Human Resources

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s Ofton family, our Human Resources policy is to achieve the targeted success by using the knowledge, skills and competencies of the employees in the most effective way both for themselves and for the company. 
In a lean and flexible organization where the hierarchy is minimized, it is to give employees the opportunity to grow and prove themselves. 
The transparent and participatory management system provides the opportunity to educate the managers of the future by showing how the decision mechanisms work, giving the way of thinking and information about the management. 
It is ensured from the employees that they comply with the workplace discipline, do their work on time and correctly, and be in harmony with other friends through teamwork. 
All our employees try to feel the privilege of being a member of the group.

Our understanding of Human Resources Management is gathered in XNUMX main functions.


  • Organizational Development Processes 
  • Recruitment System 
  • Labor Law and Payroll 
  • Employee Training and Development Management 
  • Performance Management System 
  • Wage Management System 
  • Career and Talent Management 
  • Employee Satisfaction Studies 

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