Board Of Directors


Board of Directors Co-Chairs: Yusuf Şimşek & İsmail Hakkı Altun



100% customer satisfaction

Ismail Hakki Altun

ith our many years of experience, we have succeeded in becoming a prominent company in arcade housing construction. Our industry has undergone a very serious transformation especially after the XNUMX earthquake, which we still bear its sorrow about. Conscious of the responsibility they bear, construction companies that carry trust and quality to their brands have won the favor of consumers. Since our Elysium Park Alemdağ project and Bomonti project, where we used our Elysium brand for the first time, we are proud to receive this interest.

Our brand and company are among the first institutions that come to mind for those who choose to live in the city and want to invest. With our tourism group, we also speed up our activities in the field of city hotel management and contribute to the tourism of the country with hotel buildings that are managed by world-renowned international hotel management brands.

The rise of standards in the construction industry has revealed the need for transformation of old buildings in city centers. We can say that Istanbul is currently in a great modernization movement both socially and physically. Although in the city, many districts that are closed to themselves join the city life.

Ofton, which continues with Bomonti, Piyalepaşa line and opens an urban transformation line that connects with Talimhane and Tarlabaşı, will continue to implement innovative construction approaches.

Adopting urban transformation as the modernization of districts beyond the renovation of old buildings, Ofton was the first company to realize the value of Piyalepaşa as a location with its hotel investment in Piyalepaşa. In addition, the city hotel Ibis Styles was brought to life on Talimhane-Kasımpaşa road. Currently, our company, which continues the Elysium Soul Beyoğlu project on the former Bilgi University land in Dolapdere, is also pioneering the transformation on the Dolapdere-Piyalepaşa line. In addition, we play an active role in the transformation of that region with the Elysium Apartments Lale brand in Etiler. We take part in a similar project in Ortaköy. We started our first Elysium Apartments project in Bostancı.

In parallel with the urban transformation, we have more work to do in Istanbul. When you compare Istanbul with other European cities, it should experience this transformation before many cities with its history and geographical location. Thus güzelleştik Istanbul by Turkey's Istanbul tourist pulled alone was only draw. For this reason, Istanbul must transform into a modern metropolis image. We will continue to play a leading role in this regard.

We are a candidate to change the understanding of summer residence with the livable luxury residences we have built in Bodrum. Located in a sector key to Turkey's many sectors that will continue to create comfortable living spaces life as a conscious company.



We contribute to the transformation of cities

Yusuf Simsek

As Ofton Construction, we develop concept construction projects in city centers that develop durable and contemporary living spaces that are suitable for the ground characteristics of the region's geography, infrastructure and superstructures are installed with the latest technologies. We offer our customers complete turnkey spaces by progressing rapidly in the project processes. While we offer our customers the opportunity to “catch the comfort in the dynamics of the city” with the different life concepts we have created in big city centers such as Istanbul, we also provide the investors with their targeted returns.

As Ofton Construction, we present most of our projects with different life concepts that we create in city centers and provide our customers with the opportunity to "catch the comfort in the dynamics of the city". We offer what they are looking for those who love to live and invest in the city.

In a big metropolis like Istanbul, the importance of location is increasing day by day. Since we see that people now prefer locations in the center of transportation, where they can easily participate in social life, we are doing quality, branded projects in city centers.

Ofton, which started the projecting phase and built comfort and luxury with its quality at every stage from the material used to the marketing part, aims 100 percent customer satisfaction.

As we are always proud of the quality of the project we have done, we also attach importance to visuality and strive to offer aesthetics and usefulness to our customers who will live in it. Therefore, by working with successful and experienced interior architects; We create high quality and elite decorations suitable for every taste.
With our new projects, we will not only contribute to the development of Istanbul and will carry Ofton quality to different cities.